Houses for Rent in Athens GA

Athens is a great place to live and work and looking for houses for rent in Athens GA is a great way to become familiar with The Classic City.

It’s possible you are coming to Athens to attend the University of Georgia. Or, you might be accepting one of the almost 10,000 jobs that are found there. In addition to UGA,  there are several other potential employers including 2 hospitals (Athens Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s), the Clarke County School District, Pilgrim’s Pride, the Clarke County government, Power Partners, ConAgra, Reliance Electric, Caterpillar, Dial America and many more.

Regardless of what brings you to Athens, you might be thinking that you want to learn a little bit about the area before you decide to jump in and purchase a place of your own. A rental property may be just want you're looking for. Keep in mind, we have been very successful helping newcomers learn what Athens has to offer, pointing them to the most desirable neighborhoods, and finding a home to purchase in a very short amount of time without the requirement of renting a house first. So, don’t completely discount the possibility of buying a home as soon as you arrive

If you feel like you just want to “dip your toes in the water” first, you are in the right place to find great quality houses for rent in Athens GA until you are ready to become a homeowner. And, even if you rent first, we have had great success helping our residents purchase a home when they are ready. If you think about it, who better to work with to find a home that you’d like to buy than the people you’ve been associated with while you rented?!

Getting Qualified to be a Home Renter

Before getting started, it is important to realize that renting a home is not much different than buying a home when it comes to qualifications. You must have adequate income, a good credit score, and the necessary funds to be able to pay the first month’s rent and a security deposit. These items have been shown to be good indicators of whether or not someone will continue to pay their rent as agreed. Bear in mind that the landlord is entrusting a very expensive property to your care, so meeting the basic qualifications is necessary in order for you to successfully rent a home.

You are going to enjoy renting from Southeast Realty Brokers. We utilize online signature software for lease signing, and you’ll have your own online Tenant Portal. There you will have access to your Tenant Ledger (payment history) at any time, online Service Requests and automatic rent payment so you can avoid ever getting a late fee. The fact that our rental homes are typically a higher quality than you will find elsewhere is a great bonus!

We have listed the standard qualifications for renting a home in the first link below: “Rental Steps.” Click on that link first and thoroughly read the 3 Steps To Renting A Home. There are a lot of details, but a few minutes spent reading now will save you time and money in the long run so you can be prepared by knowing what will be expected of you when renting a home. The answers to many common questions about renting a home can be found in the section, “Tenant FAQs.”

We look forward to helping you find houses for rent in Athens GA,
and, hopefully, getting you into a home of your own in the very near future!

The following link will take you to our currently available rental homes.  Be sure you have read through the Rental Steps BEFORE proceeding.

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