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A Note About Advanced Searching

If you are not familiar with computer programming, there is a term called GIGO which stands for “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  In short, what this means is that the results you get from a search are only as accurate as the person who inputs the information in the first place.  So, if someone makes a mistake and says that a particular home is a 3 bedroom when it is actually a 4 bedroom, that particular home will not show up in your search for 4 bedroom homes.

Luckily, an obvious error like that is not that common.  However, the more detailed you get with your search, the more likely it is that you will miss finding a home that might have worked for you.  We don’t want to discourage you from experimenting.  In fact, have fun!  We simply want you to be aware that if you ask for a very complicated search, you might miss something.  To avoid this issue, you might want to consider making your search a little more broad and simply eliminate the homes that do not interest you by viewing them first.

Also, to be a better resource for our clients, not only are we a member of the local MLS, but we are also a member of the Georgia MLS which is more commonly used to list property in the Atlanta area.  However, as odd as it sounds, some agents will list a local property in the Atlanta MLS, but not in the local MLS.  So, in order to give our clients every possible opportunity to find a home of their dreams, we made the investment to belong to both.

This does bring up challenges though.  Our search is very powerful, but there are some items that you should be aware of as follows.  Both of the MLS services use different terms, and our system must conform to their terms.  This is further described below.

  1. Duplicate Listing - You could see a listing twice if an agent listed a property in both the local and Atlanta MLS.  Bear in mind that this is not a mistake, but a result of the home being listed in two places.
  2. Basement - Because we must use the terms that are found in each MLS, when searching for a home with a basement, you will want to click on ALL of the boxes...Basement, Full and Partial.
  3. Stories - You will see duplicate terms.  Click on all that apply.  For example, if you only want a one story home, click on BOTH “One” and “1 Story”
    • For Georgia MLS listings use the “Min. Total Sq. Feet” and “Max. Total Sq. Feet” fields ONLY.
    • For listings on the local MLS, use “Above Grade Sq. Ft. Range” field ONLY.

    CAUTION! If you use all 3 fields at the same time, within the same Search, you will get inaccurate results! applies specifically to square footage.

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