Come visit the three bears hidden away in Memorial Park in Athens GA at Bear Hollow Zoo The zoo is a dedicated sanctuary for native Georgia animals unable to be released back into the wild. A range of wild critters make this their Athens home.

Orphaned in infancy, the now adult three American Black Bears have big personalities and like to lay on the charm. Named DJ, Athena, and Yona, visitors are hard pressed to pick a favorite. Athena is most easily identified by the white patch of fur on her chest.

Graceful White Tailed Deer were scarce in the state of Georgia at one time. The landscape of Bear Hollow Zoo was actually utilized in a successful re-release program. Rocky and Rose now represent their species.

North American River Otters frolic and play to the delight of spectators. These funny guys did not rehabilitate well enough for survival in the wild and now play their days away in the refuge.

Katie the Bobcat is cleverly catty. Her mannerisms are amazingly similar to house cats kept on Athens property.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together In Their Athens Home

Bird watchers don’t need binoculars at Bear Hollow Zoo. Majestic and regal the birds here mostly suffered debilitating wing injuries. All are spectacular from Honovi the Bald Eagle to Hooch the one eyed Barred Owl. Other birds onsite are a Red Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture and Great Horned Owls. A group of Wild Turkeys keep Rocky and Rose company in their enclosure.

The brave of heart enter the Reptile House at the center of Bear Hollow Zoo where reptiles, amphibians, and insects coexist. In this space snakes slither, frogs hop, and insects hiss.

Bear Hollow Zoo is open daily and admission is free. Take time to make friends with all the animals.