The latest trend in interactive entertainment has hit the streets in Athens. Groups of friends gather At Escape The Space to challenge their minds. Locked in an escape room, Athens GA teams work together in a time controlled setting to figure out clues and puzzles in order to free themselves from the room.

Escape Rooms that are Ever Changing!

At Escape the Space, rooms change periodically to keep things interesting so team can return again and again to experience new escapes. In one escape room, the Evidence Locker, time is of the essence. The team has been instructed to steal a significant file for an unsavory character or else.

In another escape room, teams work to escape the MacAllister's house for a second time. The Wet Bandits team tries not to be outsmarted by a child again. Yep that’s right! The MacAllisters are on vacation and the Wet Bandits are determined to break in again. I

Or grab a seat in the Tree House Cafe escape room. One of the baristas on staff has had a bad day and gone a little crazy. Will there be time to straighten him out?

Multiple options are always available. Games are geared toward those fourteen years and older. Families with younger children are welcome to play in private game settings. Reservations can be made online. Head on over to Escape the Space, the escape rooms, Athens GA, at 540 Hawthorne Avenue and join the fun.