Property Management Services Overview

(Why Southeast Realty Brokers, LLC is the Best Choice for Professional Rental Property Management)

Here's a quick overview of our professional services that illustrates what makes us a preferred local rental property management company. If you have additional questions, contact us at 706.543.3008.

Rental Market Analysis

Don’t leave money on the table! Our experience has shown that most property owners undervalue the amount of rent that can be charged.

  • Online market analysis along with our experience will determine your potential rental revenue
  • Exclusive “Rent-Match” comparison tool is a feature of our advanced online software.

Extensive Marketing

Our rental property management services expose your rental property to hundreds of potential tenants through our multi-channel marketing.

  • Instantaneous submission of your rental to dozens of online websites.
  • Listing on the local Realtor MLS – Because we are a member of the Board of Realtors, your property will be exposed to several hundred Realtors that are assisting clients in locating a rental property.
  • Pictures – We take multiple quality pictures and market the ones that best present your property.
  • Video – We create a video that is uploaded to YouTube as part of your marketing campaign.
  • Leveraging Industry Contacts – We utilize our industry contacts to further enhance our marketing efforts on a personal level.

Potential Tenant Follow Up and Tracking

Southeast Realty Brokers rental professionals provide screening, follow-up and tracking services for your potential tenants.

  • Inquiries – We respond to those ongoing multiple phone & email inquiries so you don’t have to.
  • Screening and Pre-Qualification – Our strict qualifications of minimum household income, credit score, etc. will find you the best tenant possible.
  • Property Showings – Only pre-qualified applicants…non-serious inquiries do not have access to your home.
  • Safety Considerations – We meet applicants. You are not required to.

In-Depth Tenant Evaluation

We provide in-depth background check on each of your potential tenants before we put them into your home.

  • Credit, Background, Criminal, Nationwide and Local Eviction Checks
  • Employment & Income Verification
  • Former Landlord and Reference Verifications are all part of our evaluation process.

Owners avoid uncomfortable phone calls to employers or previous landlords. Because of privacy law concerns, we often get a better response than individuals doing their own background checks. Other rental property managers will, at times, skip a step and rely only on their intuition, which is a mistake (as we learned when dealing with other property managers early in our career).

Owner Services

Ease-to-access owner property management services.

  • Owner’s Online Portal – Monthly reports posted here. Direct owner contributions can be made here for emergency repairs to save time.
  • EFT Owner Payments – No hassle with checks. Rental funds are deposited directly into your account.
  • Monthly Reporting
    • Tracking of Income & Expenses by Property
    • Detailed reports available to match your requirements (i.e. basic to detailed cash flow analysis reporting)
  • Maintenance/Contractor Coordination – We have contacts in multiple trades that we use to keep your property in good shape. Or, if you have a favorite contractor, we will utilize their services, coordinate their efforts, and keep you updated.

Tenant Services

Ease access tenant services for ease of access to our rental property management services. 

  • Tenant’s Online Portal
  • Online Maintenance Ticket Submission & Tracking
  • Automatic Rent Payment
  • Tenant Insurance – We require tenant insurance on our properties. If a tenant does not provide their own insurance, they can pay for basic coverage through our online insurance provider which covers your property in the event of an accident that causes property damage (such as a kitchen fire, etc.)

Legal Considerations

As your rental property manager, we have access to a variety of legal and educational sources to keep our services up-to-date.

  • Georgia Association of Realtors Contracts and Documents – As a brokerage, Southeast Realty Brokers have access to the latest approved forms used by Realtors throughout the state and provided to members like ourselves. These forms are reviewed constantly by top real estate attorneys and updates are made almost every year. This gives you a legal advantage that you won’t find in a free online “lease template” or even a lease created with an attorney if it is more than a year old.
  • Exhibits – Multiple exhibits that cover:
    • Move-In/Move-Out Inspection
    • Move-In/Move-Out Agreement
    • Tenant Insurance Requirements
    • Rules and Responsibilities
    • Additional Premises Property
    • Pets
    • Required Federal Lead Paint Disclosure
    • Required State Law Handling of Security Deposits (through Trust Account)
  • Ongoing continuing education to remain compliant in Landlord/Tenant law


Extensive record keeping throughout the time your tenant resides in your house.

  • Continuous tracking of tenant payment status
  • Maintenance of tenant ledger and owner statement
  • Work order system for contractor work assignments

Call us today at 706.543.3008 if to learn more about our rental property management services.  We are happy to take the responsibility and stress of property management off your shoulders.